Steven Gustafson's GP Visualisations

Several visualisations of the genetic programming search method are available here. Learn more about genetic programming, visit my research page or see my publications. Feel free to use these as teaching resources, but please adequately cite my webpage.

Tree Evolution
This GIF movie shows the evolution of the best of generation tree shape for the Even-5-Parity problem. A population of 500 is used with maximum depth of 10. The fitness begins at 17/32 fitness cases solved, finishing with 23/32 after 50 generations. The tree shape is visualised using the circular lattice method.
Behaviour Variations
This ASCII movie shows the variations of behaviours evolved for the Artificial Ant problem. A behaviour is the sequence of food collected. A population of 100 individuals is evolved for 40 generations, and each improving behaviour (number of food collected) is shown in order.
Multi-Agent Strategies
Keep-away soccer is a scaled-down version of the robotic soccer problem. This ASCII movie shows an evolved strategy for this problem, with 3 offensive agent trying keep the ball away from a defender agent. More information is available with the visualisation.