Steven Gustafson's GP Resources

Introductions to Genetic Programming

  1. GP Bib Introduction Papers
  2. GP Bib PhD Thesis
Journals with frequent Genetic Programming Articles:
  1. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines
  2. Evolutionary Computation
  3. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (search via IEEE Xplorer)
  4. IEEE Intelligent Systems (search via IEEE Xplorer)
  5. Information Sciences
  6. Complex Systems
  7. Applied Soft Computing
  8. Adaptive Behavior
  9. Applications in Chemistry and Biology
Other Interesting Genetic Programming Sites:
  1. The GP Bibliography
  2. People who Publish GP Papers
  3. The GP Mail List
  4. Keep-Away Soccer for GP
  5. Lattice Tree Visualisation
  6. GP Behaviour Visualisations
Genetic Programming Systems:
  1. ECJ GP System (Java)
  2. Koza's Original Lisp GP
  3. The PushGP System (Lisp)
  4. lilgp (in C)
  5. Beagle (C++)