The Genetic Programming Bibliography

The bibliography is part of the Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
It is maintained and managed by William Langdon, Steven Gustafson, and John Koza.

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Bibtex file
gp-bibliography.bib (Compressed) Over 3000 GP references

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Search Interfaces
The GP bibliography is one of the many online computer science bibliographies maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles and Paul Ortyl.
There are at least two on line search tools for these bibliographies:
o WWW form based search
o You can search for all entries by an author using a URL like this one: LangdonW &partial=on&case=on&results=citation&maxnum=100 Naturaly you must replace LangdonW by the author's surname and initials. (Note initials and first letter of surname should be in uppercase.)

Other Resources
o Bibliographies of evolutionary computation conferences.
o Hints on using bibliographies with PC based word processing packages
o Links to other information on bibliographies.
o Subdirectory containing some tools and templates for maintaining bibliographies.
o Links to other bibliographies.
o Home pages of some GP researchers
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